Lark Cottage Holiday Rental Agreement

Every reference in this agreement to the Holiday Maker, includes every person whom he allows to come onto the Property during the letting period. The Holiday Maker accepts that he is personally responsible for every such person.

The Owner lets the Property and the Holiday Maker takes the Property to occupy for a holiday for the rent, on the terms set out in this agreement.

The terms and conditions of the tenancy are:

1. The Property is: the house known as Lark Cottage, Lundie, Dundee, DD2 5NX

The “Property” includes:

1.1. the furniture, fixtures and fittings specified in the inventory;

1.2. the use of any rights of access, path, drive, garden, any common parts and any other things reasonably necessary for the enjoyment of the property and which the Owner can grant.

2. The rental period is: the period booked and confirmed by the owner through a defined rental agreement.

3. The rent is: the amount quoted and confirmed by the owner through a defined rental agreement.

4. The maximum occupancy is: six people.

5. The deposit

5.1. The Holiday Maker will pay a deposit of £350 to the owner not less than 30 days before the start of the rental, against the cost to the Owner of any breach of this agreement.

5.2. The Owner will return the deposit to the Holiday Maker after deduction of any money due to the Owner, within 14 days of the end of the holiday.

5.3. If the Owner is entitled to make deductions for more than one item, he can allocate the deposit payment to any item of his choice.

6. Holiday Makers promises

In this paragraph, a promise by the Holiday Maker not to do something also implies that the Holiday Maker will not allow anyone else to do that same thing. The Holiday Maker now promises that he will:

6.1. keep the interior of the Property in clean and good repair and condition;

6.2. clean and keep free from blockages and obstructions all baths, sinks, lavatories, cisterns, drains, gutters, pipes, chimneys and the like;

6.3. not dispose of “wet wipes”, disposable nappies or other items of personal hygiene down the lavatory;

6.4. keep clean the carpets, curtains and all other items in the inventory;

6.5. keep clean the insides of all windows and replace any which break for any reason;

6.6. pay for any necessary repairs or replacement goods damaged during the rental period;

6.7. use the Property only as a holiday home for no more people than the maximum occupancy stated above and will not operate a business at the property or use it for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose;

6.8. not assign, sublet, charge or part with or share possession or occupation of all or part of the Property;

6.9. not cause nuisance or annoyance to the Owner or any neighbour;

6.10. not change or remove any of the Owner's furniture, fixtures and fittings or items on the inventory;

6.11. not change or install any locks on any doors or windows nor have additional keys made for any locks without the prior written consent of the Owner;

6.12. not keep or allow pets of any kind on the Property;

6.13. report to the Owner any disrepair or defect in respect of the Property or the fixtures and fittings and report any failure of mechanical or electrical appliances;

6.14. allow the Owner, his agent or contractors access to the Property at reasonable hours during the day, or to carry out urgent and unforeseen repairs or other works to the Property or to carry out maintenance of the appliances. The Owner will normally give at least 24 hours’ notice but the Holiday Maker will give immediate access in an emergency;

6.15. whenever the Property is left unattended, the Holiday Maker will fasten all locks to all doors and windows and activate any burglar alarm, to prevent unauthorised access to the Property.

6.16. Not smoke or allow any other person to smoke tobacco or any form of other herbs or drugs within the property.

7. Owner’s promises

The Owner now promises that he will:

7.1. comply with all of his statutory obligations;

7.2. pay all the costs of ownership in relation to the Property including the cost of all services now installed at the Property and used by the Holiday Maker during the holiday;

7.3. (provided the Holiday Maker performs the obligations set out in this agreement) not interrupt or interfere with the Holiday Maker’s right to quiet possession and enjoyment of the Property.

8. Insurance

8.1. The Owner will maintain whatever insurances he wishes against any risk relating to the property. He will not insure anything owned by the Holiday Maker.

8.2. The Holiday Maker will not do, nor allow anyone else to do, anything that could adversely affect the Owner's insurance of the Property.

8.3. If the Holiday Maker does anything that prejudices the Owner’s insurance, he will be liable to the Owner for any resulting loss.

9. Holiday Maker’s departure

At the end of the tenancy the Holiday Maker will:

9.1. immediately return all the keys of the Property to the Owner or comply with such arrangements for the return of the keys as the Owner reasonably suggests before the commencement of the tenancy;

9.2. remove all personal effects and rubbish and leave the Property and the Owner's fixtures and fittings in the same clean condition and state of repair as at the start of the tenancy, fair wear and tear excepted. Note that rubbish should be left in the appropriate recycling bins outside the property and take bins to roadside on collection days as advised on information board within the Property.

10. Inventory check and return of deposit

10.1. At the end of the Tenancy the Owner will check the inventory room by room. Any damage will be evidenced by photos.

10.2. If the Owner is not satisfied as to the condition of a room or anything in it, the Owner may propose a deduction of a sum from the deposit, in order to put the matter right. The Owner must provide a written breakdown of any deduction proposed.

10.3. If the Holiday Maker does not agree to the sum claimed, the Owner will obtain a written quotation for the cost of rectification from a contractor not connected to him.

10.4. The Owner may then accept the quotation and pay for the work. He must then provide copies of the quotation and the subsequent invoice to the Holiday Maker. He may then deduct the sum paid from the deposit.

10.5. The deposit or the balance of the deposit shall be returned to the Holiday Maker within 14 days of the Holiday Maker vacating the Property or, in special circumstances, as soon as possible, with the reasons for the delay provided in writing to the Holiday Maker.

11. Payment

11.1. The Holiday Maker shall make a payment equivalent to 50% of the total rental cost at time of booking. This Booking Deposit payment will guarantee the booking.

11.2. The payment balance along with the Breakages Deposit shall be made not later than 30 days prior to the confirmed arrival date.

12. Cancellation

12.1. We understand that circumstances can change which may result in the need to cancel your holiday. Since we may have had to reject other customer booking requests as a result of your confirmed booking, we regrettably must apply the following policy.

12.2. Cancellations made:

90 days or more prior to arrival will receive 50% refund of the Booking Deposit
60 days or more prior to arrival will receive 25% refund of the Booking Deposit
59 days or less prior to arrival will receive no refund of the Booking Deposit